‘Alien abduction’ stories may come from lucid dreaming, study hints

Lucid dreaming, by which persons are partially conscious and might management their goals throughout sleep, may clarify so-called alien abduction stories, a study suggests.

Claims of such abductions date to the nineteenth century; the circumstances of the kidnappings typically sound dreamlike and set off emotions of terror and paralysis. Certain dream states are additionally identified to supply such emotions, main Russian researchers to surprise if dream experiments may present clues about alleged extraterrestrial experiences. The scientists prompted lucid dreamers to dream about encounters with aliens or unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and located that a lot of sleepers reported goals that resembled precise descriptions of alleged alien abductions. 

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During lucid goals, sleepers are conscious they’re dreaming and might then use that consciousness to control what occurs within the dream. About 55% of individuals expertise lucid dreaming at least once of their lifetimes, and 23% have lucid goals a minimum of as soon as a month, in keeping with a 2016 study within the journal Consciousness and Cognition that analyzed 5 a long time’ price of sleep analysis. 

Recently, researchers with the Phase Research Center (PRC), a non-public facility in Moscow that researches lucid dreaming, carried out experiments with 152 adults who self-identified as lucid dreamers, instructing them to “find or summon aliens or UFOs” throughout a lucid dream, the scientists reported July 2 within the International Journal of Dream Research.

The researchers discovered that 114 of the contributors reported dreaming about having some kind of profitable interplay with an extraterrestrial. Of these, about 61% described assembly “aliens” that resembled extraterrestrials from science-fiction novels and movies, whereas 19% met aliens that “looked like ordinary people,” in keeping with the study. 

Little blue males

One feminine participant spoke of seeing “little men” with blue pores and skin, oversize heads “and huge, bulging eyes,” the study authors reported. When the aliens invited her onto their spaceship, “I was blinded by a very bright light, like from a searchlight,” she stated. “My vision was gone, and I felt dizzy and light.” 

Another participant stated that he dreamed he was mendacity in his mattress when he felt as if he have been being “dragged somewhere,” ending up in a room with a white silhouette that reached into his chest and began “doing something inside with tools,” the researchers wrote.

Conversations with dream aliens came about in 26% of the encounters, and 12% of the contributors spoke with aliens of their goals and interacted with them bodily. UFOs confirmed up in 28% of the conferences, and 10% of the dreamers who noticed UFOs described being introduced inside an extraterrestrial spacecraft.


Of those that described their encounters as “realistic,” 24% additionally skilled sleep paralysis and intense worry. Such feelings typically accompany reviews of supposed alien abductions, and although people who describe being kidnapped by aliens may really imagine that what they skilled was actual, these individuals have been probably experiencing an extraterrestrial assembly whereas in a lucid dream, the study authors reported.

Feelings of paralysis, worry and helplessness in vivid goals might be so highly effective that they blur the road between goals and actuality, so it is no surprise that individuals who may have unknowingly been dreaming as an alternative insist that they really met with aliens who stole them away and transported them to UFOs, stated PRC head researcher and founder Michael Raduga.

For these unknowing dreamers, “abductions are real,” Raduga informed Live Science in an e mail. “They just don’t know how to explain it.” 

Originally printed on Live Science.

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