June: Solar Eclipse & Colorful Stars

June’s solstice, on the twentieth, marks the start of summer time within the Northern Hemisphere — the height of ample daylight however comparatively brief nights. So profit from your stargazing by trying out this month’s Sky Tour astronomy podcast, which takes you on a guided tour of the night sky. No expertise or gear is critical — simply obtain or stream the audio file and take it with you outdoors.

May twenty sixth’s full Moon featured a complete lunar eclipse that was seen from the western half of North America. New Moon comes two weeks later, on June tenth, and triggers a solar eclipse that flips the observing prospects: This Moon-Bites-Sun occasion shall be seen within the Northeast U.S. and japanese Canada — however not from anyplace west of the Mississippi River.

Moon Venus Mars on June 11-13, 2021
Somewhat greater than someday after new Moon (and an annular solar eclipse), an especially skinny crescent Moon seems within the night sky to the decrease proper of Venus. Two days later the Moon has moved as much as a place close to Mars.
Sky & Telescope

After that, the Moon returns to the night sky and makes fairly pairings with each Venus and Mars. Those planets lie within the constellation Gemini and close to its anchor stars, Castor and Pollux. In a broad arc that sweeps up and to the left throughout the sky, you’ll encounter different constellations which can be a part of the zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpius. This month’s Sky Tour spends time with every, serving to you to search out their areas and brightest stars.

One particularly brilliant star that’s not in a zodiacal constellation is Arcturus, which is almost overhead at dusk. Arcturus is a red big, an growing older star that has swollen in dimension and develop into a lot brighter than our Sun. This beacon has some fascinating claims to fame — one involving historic navigation and the opposite relating to its movement inside the Milky Way. Listen to this month’s Sky Tour to be taught its secrets and techniques.

In reality, June’s Sky Tour packs loads of info into simply 12 minutes. Just head outdoors, then obtain or stream it to your audio gadget — and also you’ll get a personally guided tour of what’s seen this month.

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