November: A Flying Horse and Star Fish

In this month’s Sky Tour astronomy podcast, we search out some taking pictures stars, prepare for a lunar eclipse, spot 5 vivid planets, observe some celestial fish, and observe down the Andromeda Galaxy.

This month’s full Moon is accompanied by a not-quite-total lunar eclipse that’s seen throughout North America. The Moon will look very eerie, not fully invisible however practically so, maybe with a touch of dim rusty red throughout its disk and a vivid edge on the backside. You would possibly surprise why we don’t have a lunar eclipse at each full Moon — take heed to this month’s Sky Tour for the reply.

Pegasus Pisces Andromeda
The Great Square of Pegasus is almost overhead throughout November evenings.
Sky & Telescope

Look excessive within the southeast for a large diamond within the sky that’s in regards to the dimension of your outstretched hand along with your fingers unfold huge aside. Skywatchers the world over know this because the Great Square, representing the chest of Pegasus, the Flying Horse — although it’s flying the other way up!

If your skies are fairly darkish, it is best to be capable of make out the Circlet of Pisces, a stunning little pentagon of stars hanging immediately below the Great Square. And you’ll be able to look previous Pegasus’s nostril to the fitting, by in regards to the width of your clenched fist held at arm’s size, to succeed in Delphinus, the Dolphin.

And in fact there’s a lot, rather more to see within the night time sky throughout November. So obtain or take heed to this month’s Sky Tour podcast! It’s excellent for anybody who needs a enjoyable and informative guided tour of the celestial sights which are overhead.

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